I know I’ve been a little quiet on this blog.

There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the fact that I am researching, learning, and absorbing the things that will make this thing better. Another reason could be that it’s the holidays and I am busy. But that is not all of it.

Some of you know that John and I have “hit the rocks” in our relationship, recently. We are talking and I am writing, but there is not too much that makes it to my blog. It will eventually. I am just not there, yet. Even with the encouragement of my biggest fan, to share my writings with the world, the struggle has mostly remained private. Because I have chosen to keep it so.

I have always considered that part of my life, sacred. And I never want to use this blog as an outlet for me to spill what happens, between me and my huzbun.

However, you all have been through the good and the bad with me, and I intend to let you in, if only to bring help or comfort to someone else. I know that some of you relate all too well, and some of you want to know how to pray. I appreciate it all and someday soon, I will find the words. The right words to share.

Until then, here’s a little glimpse into my searching.

In the quiet space of my heart

I breathe a sigh of relief

Relief from the torment of fear

Of doubt, of worry, of what can possibly go wrong.

I breathe deep and remember

All the things

That cannot be taken from me

Not now, not ever, for they are eternal.

They are love. They are goodness. And they are mercy.