The Chaotic. And a Few Things I know.

It’s been a bit chaotic around here. Baby boy’s been squealing from bellyaches, Beanstalk’s been asking “why” and I’ve been jostling and juggling and answering questions. I’ve been chopping veggies, packing lunches, and buttoning up princess dresses with one hand, bouncing baby in the other….Holding and swaddling, explaining and swaying. I’ve been returning phone calls, taking orders, and…

I am currently in a bit of a love affair with essential oils. Ok, so. Maybe it’s not quite LOVE, but it’s definitely a “very-strong-like” affair. I have been using them for forever, and recently even more so, since I stumbled upon a brand of pure therapeutic grade oils.

Notice, I said PURE! That, to me, means absolutely no toxins or additives, or any of the other crap that the FDA allows into the essential oils which line the shelves at our “natural” grocers and markets.

I started using and promoting Doterra brand about seven months ago, after I saw both my Mom and my sister experience miraculous healing from their oils. I did my research and surprisingly, I liked what I found. This company is the real deal, people! They are so adament about quality and purity, that they subject their oils to rigorous testing by not one, but TWO separate outside labs, and then once again in their own lab, to make sure that when the bottle says “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade,” that is actually what it is.


Meanwhile I now have an oil for everything! My cabinet looks like a cross between a science lab and an herbal clinic. And I’ve been having so much fun, discovering the incredible benefits of these oils!

This past week I developed a painful canker sore in my mouth and I instinctually reached for some clove oil. Somewhere along the way, I had heard of my Amish ancestors making a paste with cloves and using it on teething babies. In fact, many still “swear” by this remedy.

I thought that surely if it numbs the pain of a teething baby, it will at the very least, give me some relief.

What I did not expect is that it would completely annihilate the pain. But it did! After the initial ten-second burn of the undiluted oil touching the sore, I experienced complete and total relief! The numbing lasted a few hours, and amazingly, the canker sore was completely gone in less than twenty-four hours.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, not only at numbing the pain, but at healing the sore altogether. I have tried a lot of things, and up until now I have not found anything else that works that well, or that fast.

What a wonderful discovery!


One which compelled me to dig a little deeper into the benefits of this spicy little herb. And boy did I find some good stuff!

Here are some interesting things I found:

  • Clove essential oil rates highest on the Orac Scale of antioxidants than any other substance known to man.
  • Cloves were historically used for skin infections, digestive upsets, intestinal parasites, childbirth, and most notably for toothaches.
  • Clove oil is valuable as a drawing salve-it helps pull infection from tissues.
  • It is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-septic, antibacterial, and antiviral.
  • Cloves are part of a food category that promote energy circulation and increase the metabolic rate, thus providing benefits for weight-loss.
  • The scent of cloves has been proven useful as an aphrodisiac, increasing libido, and enhancing sex drive. (Whoo hoo!)
  • Eugenol, the active compound in cloves, is an effective platelet inhibitor, which can prevent blood clots.
  • Clove essential oil has been used successfully to treat all types of skin fungus, including ringworm, nail fungus, and athletes foot.

There’s so much, I could have easily filled two more pages about the treasures found in cloves! It is the new Acai Berry, as far as I’m concerned.

So. Next time you have a toothache or any kind of mouth sore, reach for the clove oil!  You might be pleasantly surprised at its healing wonders, like I was.


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P.S. If you would like to try some of this amazing oil which I speak of, you may order it directly from my website here.