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Love Mission Hands HeartI believe that the greatest power we have is connection, and the most value we will ever find here on this earth, is in each other. I dream of a world where no one ever feels alone, no matter what they’re going through, and where no emotion, thought, or feeling is ever dismissed, or discredited for another. I believe that the two greatest words are and will always, “me too,” and that to find another soul amidst our pain and suffering, is truly one of the best and quickest ways to heal, and the happiest little surprise.

My purpose for this blog is to bring us all together, in our struggles, our pain, our victories, and our tiniest little triumphs to live the happiest, healthiest lives we can live. You are part of that community and that purpose, just by being here. So, thank you! Together we can make the world a better, less lonely place to be!

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