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Happy Little Surprises Ruthie Photography Fort Collins Colorado

Did you know I’m required by law to have a privacy policy? Actually it’s probably for your protection. This way, you are familiar with how we keep track of our visitors, and their activities on our site, Happy Little Surprises.

In a nutshell, it says if you’re a blogger, and you receive any money, it is typical to protect yourself and create what is called a “disclosure policy”.

Yes, when you view our website we can see some basic information about how you are accessing our website, including IP information, and who referred you. In fact any website you browse can see many basic details about your computer and location. That being said my plan is to keep your details as private as possible.

I’m not going to share any compromising, or sensitive visitor account details with anyone. Keep in mind you may freely express yourself in the comments areas on my website, and that I take no responsibility for the words or actions of others on my website. I will do my best to moderate these interactions to the best of my potential!

I am affiliated with...
  • Google
  • WordPress
  • Doterra
  • Amazon
  • Oprah!!
  • Blendtec
  • Alter Eco Chocolate
  • So Delicious
  • Vitacost
  • Foco Cafe
  • The Well
  • Thalyta Swanson Photography
  • Sweet Justice Photography

While you browse Happy Little Surprises these companies may have some access to your browsing information as well. I don’t think they have ill intention, but I need to explain that some of these companies may use your data for marketing purposes. Some of the links to Amazon or Doterra for instance create a basic “cookie” on your computer, and if you purchase a product after I’ve referred you, I’ll receive a small commission on each sale. These commissions help support the blog!

According to the FTC ruling, as mentioned above it is illegal not to have a privacy policy, since I’ve setup my blog to accept sponsors, and I’ve added some links to my affiliates.

No matter what, the most important thing on this blog is my listeners. I’m always open to any constructive feedback about my website. If you have observations, opinions, or ideas please LET ME KNOW.

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